Mercedes Plans to Integrate ChatGPT Close Now

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Mercedes Plans to Integrate ChatGPT into Select Car Models

The buzz around ChatGPT is going strong, starting from institutes and offices and now moving toward cars.

Mercedes-Benz started integrating OpenAI ChatGPT into its cars to enhance voice control through the MBUX Voice Assistant Hey Mercedes feature. This move aims to make voice assistant functionality more intuitive for users.

To test this integration, Mercedes-Benz will start a limited beta program on June 16 in the United States. In the three-month beta program, almost 900,000 vehicles with the MBUX infotainment system will be deployed.

The company plans to use the feedback from this program to enhance the ChatGPT integrated voice assistant capabilities and develop a strategy for deploying large language models in more markets and languages.

To engage in the beta program, customers can opt for either the Mercedes Me App or simply utter the voice command “Hey Mercedes, I wish to join the beta program” within their vehicles.

The integration of ChatGPT will be done through Azure OpenAI Service, enabling users to have conversations with the voice assistant rather than just giving it predefined commands.

Users can conveniently seek directions, explore recipe suggestions, or obtain detailed answers without compromising their focus on the road and keeping hands-on-the-wheel and eyes-on-the-road.

Mercedes-Benz thinks this integration will improve natural language comprehension greatly and broaden the variety of subjects the voice assistant can address.

Mercedes-Benz hopes to give customers a more complete and dynamic voice assistant experience by fusing Azure enterprise-grade security, privacy, and reliability capabilities with OpenAI large-scale generative AI models.