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Lockheed Martin Corporation Debuts a Moon-To-Earth Communication Satellite Network

In our previous space technology news, we learned about the solution for continuous power supply on the Moon for lunar explorations.

Yet another big problem is the lack of reliable communication if humans have to remain on the Moon for an extended time.

An American aerospace company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, believes they can provide a reliable connection to astronauts to stay in touch during their lunar missions.

The company built a spinoff similar to a crescent-like shape (lunar in its first quarter called the sickle Moon) and a Moon-to-Earth satellite communication network in the project’s initial phase.

The project, Parsec, uses a constellation of small lunar satellites to provide constant communication and navigation support between astronauts, their equipment, and people on Earth.

This technology enables astronauts to non-stop communicate with people back home, assist them with spacecraft course changes, and provide them with their precise position and direction back to base, which operates as the Moon’s version of GPS.

Crescent’s first Parsec nodes will be operational by 2025, and Lockheed Martin will supply the satellites. According to its CEO, Joe Landon, the company is well positioned to support and assist NASA’s Artemis Moon landings and other exploratory missions.

There is already an ongoing race of lunar tourism between the US and China, as well as private projects like SpaceX’s lunar exploration mission.

Therefore, this project will benefit Lockheed Martin without interfering with its current operations.