Linkedin’s New AI Will Write Brief Hiring Close Now

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Linkedin’s New AI Will Write Brief Hiring Messages for Job Hunters

Note down the 20th century will bring a great Artificial Intelligence revolution.

We all have been using a job advertising application called LinkedIn. This time LinkedIn is bringing a new generative AI tool for job seekers.

This new AI feature will autonomously write a detailed cover letter-like message that a job hunter can easily send to hiring managers via the platform.

The company AI feature is currently under beta testing, and soon, this tool will be functional for its premium subscribers.

With the update of this tool, Users will now have the choice to “Let AI draught a message to the hiring team” next to open positions on the platform’s jobs page.

According to the company, the function uses data from ” your profile information, hiring manager’s profile, the job description, and the company of interest” for generating a “highly personalized” message.

In a sample given by LinkedIn, the message sounds like the first few phrases of a cover letter. However, depending on how much information is in your LinkedIn profile, the AI-written messages users see may differ.

The company states, “Customization is still important,” Users should double-check and alter the text before sending it.

OpenAI partner Microsoft has tested other generative AI features as that company owns LinkedIn. The platform also introduced “collaborative articles” and AI writing suggestions for profiles incorporating AI-written text.