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DJI Mini 2 SE Lightweight and Pocket Friendly Drone

A private company, DJI Mini offers a mini drone with a lightweight, cool look, easy to use, and affordable prices.

It’s the most affordable drone of the DJI Mini SE series, starting from $279 price. The updated version above is DJI Mini 2 SE with some flight performance enhancements and a slight cost increase.

The DJI Mini 2 SE comes up with a three-axis gimbal, a 1-2.3 inches camera sensor, films video shots at 2.7K, and delivers images at a resolution of 12MP. But the most expensive model of the DJI Mini series was the Mini 3 Pro with 1/1.3 inches camera sensor that takes pictures at a resolution of 48MP and films 4K video.

This model is updated with the most recent wireless video transmission technology of DJI, which can extend the flight range from four to 10 kilometers. Also, it increases the flight time on a one-time charge from 30 minutes to 31 minutes.

The main reason to opt for the DJI Mini 2 SE over all other previous models is only wireless video transmission technology.

Despite such advanced features, it still weighs only 249 grams, meaning the company doesn’t need it to be registered by Federal Aviation Administration until it is used for non-commercial purposes.