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The latest livestock Farming technology is providing farmers with information-driven insight that allow them to streamline farming operations, improve animal careand productivity.


Here are a few of the numerous innovations that are changing the definition of the livestock industry:

  • Automatic dairy installation dairy cows can be milked automatically and without human intervention. The sensors for milk also aid farmers to assess the quality of milk.
  • Cleaners that are automated eliminate waste, making healthier and disease-free environments.
  • The non-antibiotic therapy of Armenta utilizes acoustic pulse technology (APT) to treat bovine mastitis, which is a bovine disease that is responsible for more than $6,000 billion annually in costs in U.S. and Europe.
  • Automatic feeders give animals feeding mix that is specifically tailored to their requirements, and in the correct quantity.
  • Faromatics makes use of the use of robotics A.I., and large data to improve the welfare of animals and productivity of farms.