Japan’s next generation “H3 Rocket” Close Now

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Japan’s next generation “H3 Rocket” Reattempt to Launch

Japan’s H3 launch vehicle is a liquid-propellant rocket initially aimed to fly in 2020. Now the H3 was scheduled to launch on March 6, Monday evening.

It will be the second try for the H3, after an aborted attempt on February 17 in which the rocket didn’t take off from the launching pad despite partial ignition. However, the Japanese space agency is now fully prepared to reattempt the launch on Monday.

On Monday evening time the H3 medium rocket was set to launch during a six-minute launch window that starts at 8:37 p.m. (at Japan standard time (JST) March 7 at 10:37 a.m.)

H3 test flight attempt aimed to deliver a payload into orbit, which was the ALOS-3 advanced Earth observation satellite, commonly known as “DAICHI-3.”

You can also watch the live action of the rocket unfolding as the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will broadcast the launch through live streaming, which was scheduled to start at an eastern standard time at 7:40 p.m.

Unfortunately, due to extreme weather conditions, the H3 rocket launch date was moved by a day from JST March 7 to March 9. Who might know the actual reason behind this delay?

For the next 20 years, JAXA intends to launch H3 at least six times annually. But for this, the two staged rockets must take off from the ground.