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Japanese Company introduced the Flying Hoverbike

We have seen in movies that an advanced tech era will come where road vehicles will be flying. You can make such fantasies come true by buying an expensive hoverbike known as XTURISMO.

Recently, the hoverbike Company has been listed on Nasdaq, which means hoverbikes are introduced as a public product. And we all live in ‘The Jetsons’, an animated show based on tech inventions.

It’s a Japanese company ALI Technologies, which sells the electric-powered luxury hoverbike constructed inspired by hovercrafts from Star Wars. This hoverbike is 12 feet long and can travel up to 60 miles per hour.

ALI’s hoverbike ‘XTURISMO’ has some disadvantages as it can travel for as long as only 40 minutes, making it less of a nonideal transport for travel within the country. Another drawback is it is the most expensive hoverbike, with a current cost of $550,000, and not a worthy product to buy at such a cost.

Every business will wonder how Ali technologies company will generate revenue by selling a hoverbike at high rates. According to findings, the Company has been sailing hoverbikes as a rescue tool, for infrastructure inspection, and as a display for public entertainment. The Company also offers cloud computing services and drone software.