Japan Might Ban TikTok Close Now

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Japan Might Ban TikTok

In many countries, TikTok has been under critical observation due to being used for data collection, spreading offensive content, and harm to children’s mental health, among other things.

The US congress recently questioned the suspected connections of the TikTok app with the Chinese government. Several European countries have partially banned this short video app on official government devices.

According to recent reports, the Japanese legislators from Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) plan to compile a proposal next month requesting the government to ban social networking services like TikTok if they are being used for spreading false information.

A senior member of the ruling party, Norihiro Nakayama, said If it’s proved that any app has been intentionally utilized by any particular party of a certain country for committing a crime then urgently terminating the service should be considered.

No matter if 17 million Japanese TikTok users lose their access, it will make them feel more secure.

Further, he added that he believes in first trending outside people to understand how data is managed before strict restrictions are considered. Rather than other countries like India completely banned TikTok in 2020.

Also, TikTok has already been prohibited on government-issued devices by the New Zealand parliament and the UK parliament called the Dutch and Belgian governments. Even France announced that using “recreational” apps like TikTok and Netflix on official devices is prohibited.