Italy’s Five Major Demands for ChatGPT Close Now

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Italy’s Five Major Demands for ChatGPT to Lift Its Ban

Remember, Italy became the first Western country in the world to temporarily block ChatGPT services in the country over privacy concerns that happened on March 20.

The Italian data protection agency Garante accused OpenAI of “illegal” collection of personal information resulting in violation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and due to the lack of an age verification system for children.

After ceasing ChatGPT services across the country, Garante has introduced nine requirements that OpenAI must meet for the ban to be lifted.

They can be concluded into five significant demands:

The first is ‘Transparency’, aiming for OpenAI to post an information notice describing ChatGPT’s data processing. It must be marked and easily accessible to users so that they can read when accessing the service and before signing up.

Another is ‘Exercising data rights’, allowing users and non-users to control how their data is handled. They can object to OpenAI processing their personal information and request to correct their data.

If the latter is not technically possible, then data deletion is possible.

The ‘Legal basis’ for data processing and algorithm training will be getting approval or establishing legitimate interests.

The ‘Minor protection’ is a must-have consideration requiring OpenAI to create an age verification system to bar access for users under 13 years.

The last demand is ‘awareness campaigns’ notifying Italians that their personal information may have been utilized for ChatGPT’s training and making them aware of new information policy and associated data rights through mass media outlets.