Italy Block ChatGPT Over Privacy Concerns

Italy Block ChatGPT Over Privacy Concerns Close Now

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Italy Block ChatGPT Over Privacy Concerns

The popular OpenAI ChatGPT, which brings Artificial Intelligence competition into the market, faces security allegations.

The European nation, Italy, became the first country in the world to block ChatGPT services in his country. However, the block is temporary for now.

According to the Government’s Security Authority, Italy restricts its usage because it leaks sensitive information and violates the strict laws of European Union data protection.

The Italian Data Protection Authority blocked the rival technology, which states that this is a temporary measure to prohibit ChatGPT from processing the data of Italian users until the technology respects privacy. This decision will not impact other chatbot businesses like Microsoft Bing Chat.

On March 20, ChatGPT experienced a data breach consisting of user conversations and details about subscriber payments. And on the same day, the platform was reported to be taken offline to fix a bug allowing some users to view the titles or subject lines of other users’ chat histories.

The Italian Security Authority notified OpenAI to report within 20 days and provide what measures it has taken to protect the privacy of user data or pay a fine of up to 20 million euros (almost $22 million).