Iran To Launch Six Satellites Called ‘Tolou-3’ Close Now

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Iran To Launch Six Satellites Called ‘Tolou-3’ By March 2024

The deputy Defence minister of Iran, who is also the CEO of Iran Electronics Industries (IEI), Amir Rastegari, revealed that Iran is preparing to launch six satellites by March 2024.

He delivered these remarks in an interview with the unofficial Tasnim news agency, which was released on Tuesday.

According to other resources, Mr. Rastegari also added that preparations were being made to launch an Iranian satellite constellation and expressed hope that IEI will be able to launch two CubeSats and the country’s own Earth observation satellite, Tolou-3, into low Earth orbit by March 2024.

Tolou-3 is Iran’s first tiny satellite and weighs 150 kg. It can take coloured images with a 10-metre resolution and black-and-white photos with a 5-meter spatial resolution.

Rastegari also highlighted that Iran Electronics Industries (IEI) had carried out good cooperation with both Russia and the Iranian Space Agency. AS IEI is in talks with Russia and the Aerospace Industries Organisation of the Iranian Defence Ministry to accelerate the launch of Iranian satellites into orbit.

In August 2022, the Iranian Khayyam satellite was successfully launched into space using a Russian Soyuz satellite launch vehicle from the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan.