iPhone Users Will Have a Costless Doctor Apple Close Now

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iPhone Users Will Have a Costless Doctor Apple

Most businesses are moving towards biometric implications from unlocking cellphones to recording attendance at the workplace and for ticketing at public places.

Apple, the famous firm of smart devices leading in biometric technology to allow users to unlock their phones and other applications, will reveal its new patent on 2nd march, which was initially submitted in July 2022.

In which the Cupertino company is working with Apple on AI models for health and fitness features which will function by scanning the user’s body parts like face, neck, arms, chest, and legs or by their silhouette image (defined as a dark image of a person with a bright background showing an outline of the body) which will tell you about your health concern on your phone.

The company has already worked on biometric data using infrared images of the face, but this time, the new idea will utilize the same technology for the whole body.

This feature will be integrated into “Electronic Devices with Body Composition Analysis Circuitry,” which analyses body composition using depth maps images taken by sensors, including ordinary pictures and infrared images.

The apple company will work on collecting “body-related data” through user demographic data that questionaries may obtain on body composition or by other fitness applications.

While the patent will outline how the model can be trained on every “specific body part” to determine how much your muscle has grown and your body gains fat.