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iPhone 15 Pro tipped to have slimmer bezels and curving edges


iPhone 15 Pro and Pro max can be expected with thin bezels (defined as a border between the screen and frame of a smartphone) and all four models with dynamic island and curved edges like the Apple Watch design. Also, this time the screen will be flat and the camera design is not expected to be much changed. These rumors were gathered from “Apple tipster ShrimpApplePro” by MacRumors.

The TechRadar author also mentioned that it will be interesting to see how many bezels can be reduced, as iPhone 14 already has tiny bezels. Also, he mentioned iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the most expensive and called “iPhone 15 Ultra.” In addition to this, the same leaker mentioned that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be extremely gorgeous, atheistic and appealing. As Pro models have small bezels, the current picture pixels will occupy practically the whole screen

Whereas other iPhone models won’t have reduced bezels, but will have slightly curved edges. As the sharp look is becoming outdated so the round shape appearance is back. Anyone tech and iPhone lover reading this will eagerly look forward to seeing the iPhone 15 series in terms of its unique appearance and advanced features.