Indian Firm launches ReshaSaathi IOT device Close Now

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Indian Firm launches ReshaSaathi IOT device

ReshaMandi is an Indian firm and the first technology-led ecosystem started in 2020. The company works for the natural fiber supply chain with the help of the digital app, starting from farm to retail.

Simply ReshaMandi is a farm-to-fashion digital platform for the natural fiber supply chain. Currently, this platform introduces the “ReshaSaathi IOT device” for the agriculture business, by which their tool will help farmers to increase the quality of their crops.

Reshamandi collaborates with farmers, provides them with IoT devices, and offers technical support during fundamental aspects of production. The business also recently released its app for iPhone users.

The business aims to empower its stakeholders by providing them access to various business options. Over the past two years, the company’s app involvement has also proven this claim.

This new IOT device intends to track the temperature and humidity of fiber-producing crops. It comes up with a TFP display (Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal), 48 hours of battery life, and uses less electricity.

It houses dual SIM functionality to connect to ReshaMandi’s central server and other networks, a crop disease detection tool for the mobile app that will send real-time advice to farmers whenever required.

Their framer’s package includes a new IOT device, financial assurance in case their crops fail, and insurance. The biggest claim made by a farmer was for Rs 1.8 lakhs, and 85% of the total claims made by farmers have been resolved.

As reported by the use of this technology, a 10-15% boost in farmer crop yield, and according to the company’s forecasts, it will jump to 25-30% in the following days.