Hubble Space Telescope Captures ‘Trio Galaxies Collision’ Close Now

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Hubble Space Telescope Captures ‘Trio Galaxies Collision’

The recent images from Hubble Space Telescope show a violent collision between three galaxies, which can be seen in the constellation Boötes. After collision now, this trio of galaxies merges to form one single massive galaxy.

According to Hubble scientists, the collision of a trio of galaxies is known as SDSSCGB 10189, and it means it is the rare combination of three giant star-forming galaxies with 50,000 light-years distance from one another.

Because when two or more galaxies colloid each other then, it is known as a Galactic collision. The collision results can vary, like all galaxies merging to form a single galaxy or a galaxy destroying another galaxy.

Hubble Scientist also adds that it seems like a safe distance, as if galaxies become so close if they were at that distance. The closest giant galaxy to the Milky Way is Andromeda, more than 2.5 million light-years away from Earth.

Usually, when a larger galaxy collides with a smaller galaxy, the giant galaxy will remove the stars and material of a smaller galaxy while retaining its shape. However, when a collision with powerful gravitational forces occurs, it bends one or both galaxies into odd shapes.

Every 4 billion years, our galaxy, the Milky Way, will collide with the nearby Andromeda galaxy, and in this collision, another neighboring Triangulum galaxy may be involved.