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Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture


Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of every country. The population of the world is increasing day-by-day as is the need for food. The methods traditionally employed by farmers aren’t enough to meet the demands in the present time. This is why new methods of automation are developed to meet these demands and offer great jobs to many working in this field. Artificial Intelligence has become one of the top technology in all industries that includes banking, education robots, agriculture and so on. In the agricultural sector AI is playing an important role and is revolutionizing the industry of agriculture. AI helps to protect the agricultural sector from various factors like increasing population, climate change and problems with employment in this field and food security. The modern agriculture system is an entirely different level thanks to AI. Artificial Intelligence has improved crop production and monitoring in real-time, harvesting, processing, and marketing. The various hi-tech computer-based systems are developed to measure crucial parameters like the detection of weeds, yields as well as the quality of the crop and other things.