Grammarly Debuts ChatGPT-like Close Now

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Grammarly Debuts ChatGPT-like AI Writing Assistant

When every business is moving towards integrating Artificial Intelligence in their services, why not a grammar checker tool step in?

Recently, the GrammarlyGo app released AI-powered tools to help people to create and improve their content. With the help of generative AI, it will assist users with writing blog posts, emails, and other types of writing through prompts.

In a recent blog post released from GrammarlyGO, a generative AI-powered assistant, one can write from scratch or can revise the existing text, whether you are working on an email or other document.

It will also enable users to generate text from already-existing workflows, cutting down on revision time and allowing users to focus on more critical tasks.

Moreover, Grammarly will offer a personalized experience determining a user’s writing style and letting them adjust their tone and choose their preferred voice and professional role.

This AI writing assistant functions much like ChatGPT or Google’s Bard but has a more focused approach to writing platforms like blogging tools, email, and social media.

This beta version of GrammarlyGo is available to all users with free and premium accounts and business customers. The feature is now usable; you can activate it by default.

There will only be a certain number of prompts available each month at this time. Users with no Premium accounts will only get up to 100 prompts per month and will only have access to the “essentials” that the AI provides.

Businesses with a “Teams” subscription will receive 500 prompts per month per user, while “Enterprise” offers 1,000 prompts per month.