Google Workspace Apps Update AI Features Close Now

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Google’s Workspace Apps with Updated Generative-AI Features

Since ChatGPT dominated the generative AI market, Google has desperately tried to get ahead of it.

And guess what? Google has finally announced a new strategy they’re integrating artificial intelligence technology in all its workspaces, including Gmail, Google meet, google docs and Sheets, and Slides. Like they did in the Google+ era, a social network launched in 2011.

With the help of generative AI, almost all Google products will have functions like users will be able to auto-generate graphics and even video using Slides, google Sheets will generate formulas automatically, emails will be “draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize,” transcription notes in Meet are automatically “brainstorm, proofread, edit, and revise.”

Google Docs enable users to instantly generate additional text using the generative AI suite by typing the assignment subject into the page. Even if the user has only written a list of bullet points, the system can use the Rewrite function to rework what the user has previously reported.

Also, Gmail’s new option, “I’m feeling lucky,” surely will be at the top of the favorite list for the business HR department.

Google ensures that AI will not replace creativity to design its apps within the AI Principles as its previous motto, “Don’t be evil.”

The updated Google Workspaces will be available for English-speaking US users by the end of March, and additional languages and countries will be added soon.