Google Search May Upgrade with AI Chat Close Now

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Google Search May Upgrade with AI Chat & Video Clips

Incorporating AI hints into the Google search engine, now the company is introducing an AI Chatbot and video features to facilitate their users.

According to documents cited by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on 6 March, Google intends to improve its search engine by making it more “visual, adaptable, individualized, and human,” focusing on servicing young people around the world.

The move taken by Google coincides with the tremendous rise in popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) applications like ChatGPT, which showcase a technology that has the potential to alter how society and businesses operate fundamentally.

Additionally, the tech giant Google will move its service further away from the “10 blue links,” a conventional style for delivering search results. And the company also aims to include more human voices.

The WSJ added that having good knowledge of people familiar with the situations, “Google is anticipated to showcase new capabilities that allow users to have talks with an AI program, a project code-named “Magi,” at its annual I/O developer conference in the coming week.

In 2023, the term “generative AI” gained popularity due to applications that have caught people’s attention and prompted businesses to introduce similar products in the hopes that they will revolutionize how people work.