Google Meet’s Upcoming Feature: AI-Generated

Google Meet’s Upcoming Feature: AI-Generated Close Now

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Google Meet’s Upcoming Feature: AI-Generated Video Backgrounds

During the peak time of the Covid-19 pandemic, video calls became a crucial means of communication worldwide. As they gained importance, platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams continued to add additional functionality.

Video calls continue to play a significant role in our daily lives even after the pandemic has passed away. One feature that captivated users was the ability to change backgrounds.

Google is taking it a step further by bringing AI to Google Meet, allowing users to create custom background images. Currently, this feature is available for users who signed up for Google Workspace Labs, which is being tested by trusted users in the US.

With this AI-powered background generator, users can easily create various backgrounds such as forests, beaches, mountains, or cityscapes. By simply entering a prompt, like “Luxurious living room interior” or “A magical sunny forest glade,” the background of their video call will automatically change to match their request.

Google recommends that when requesting a background change include the details such as style, mood, setting, and objects in the environment for getting better results. Users can enter phrases like “A cozy coffee shop with flowers” to produce a background that suits their needs.

While the exact timeline for rolling out this feature to all users is not yet clear, those interested can sign up for the Workspace Labs program to access other early features.

With this AI-powered background changer, Google Meet continues to innovate, enhancing the video call experience for its users.