Google Maps Coming ‘Immersive View for Routes’ Close Now

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Google Maps Coming With ‘Immersive View for Routes’

In the Artificial Intelligence era, Google Maps is rolling out an Immersive View feature for routes. This enhancement gives users a more immersive experience when searching for directions on Google Maps via iOS and Android.

The updated feature provides detailed information about traffic, intersections, weather, and other relevant factors along the chosen route.

During the I/O 2023 keynote, the CEO of Google named Sundar Pichai, highlighted the vast scale of Google Maps’ services, stating that it provides directions covering a staggering 20 billion kilometers daily.

He also mentioned the value of planning out your entire trip in advance. With the introduction of Immersive View for Routes, users can now enjoy this benefit whether walking, cycling, or driving.

Google Maps’ this new feature utilizes computer vision and AI to merge countless Street View and aerial images into a digital representation of the world.

Immersive View for Routes consolidates all essential route information into one view. It provides a comprehensive experience by displaying bike lanes, sidewalks, intersections, and parking spots along the journey when directions are requested.

It also includes a time slider that showcases air quality and illustrates how the route might change as weather conditions fluctuate throughout the day.

Google has also introduced an Aerial View API, enabling developers to integrate bird’s-eye videos of specific locations into their apps and websites to represent the area visually.

The Immersive View for Routes feature will initially be accessible in 15 cities, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Tokyo, and Venice.

However, it’s worth noting that no Indian cities are included in the current list, and whether the feature will be introduced in the country remains uncertain.