Google Launches AI model can turn text input into Music Close Now

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Your Text can turn into Music by Google AI model

We have heard about ChatGPT, which turns a text input into a story and DALL-E, which produces images from text inputs.
Similarly, Google researchers came up with an AI-based model that can turn text input within seconds into minutes of musical compositions and transform slow tunes into instrumental Music

Google’s new AI program is known as MusicLM, and google has uploaded some music samples created during model testing. These samples are known as MusicCaps, having 5.5k text-music pairs along with text descriptions brought by experts.


Google AI Model composes Five-minute songs.

This AI program can generate 30-second to 5-minute music compositions that appear to be like songs. It can be developed
by giving clear directions, and a seriesof written and descriptive instructions as the Music becomes better and more precise
and more descriptive the instructions are. Additionally, examples include genre, attitude, and even specific instruments. Moreover, these samples have various music categories, from traditional to vibing and even typical instrumental.

AI Model’ Story Mode

A story mode demo is also available in this model. Various text inputs are given to the model at some
time durations and for each Text, a type of Music generates. Researchers conclude that MusicLM performs better than any other system regarding text description conformance and music quality