Privacy Concerns Delay Google ‘Bard AI’ Close Now

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Privacy Concerns Delay Google ‘Bard AI’ Launch in the EU

Google decided to postpone the launch of its Bard AI chatbot launch in the European Union countries because Irish authorities are concerned about data security laws.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) stated that Google had not provided sufficient information regarding privacy issues before the launch. The DPC requires the software to comply with the Personal Data Protection law implemented in 2018, which safeguards individuals’ data, with exceptions for criminal activities and public security threats.

The DPC has urgently requested additional information from Google, so Bard’s launch this week will be postponed.

Google mentioned they intended to make Bard available in the EU responsibly, following engagement with experts, regulators, and policymakers. They have been in discussions with privacy regulators to address their queries and receive feedback.

It is not the first instance of AI facing bans in the EU due to privacy concerns. Italy recently briefly banned ChatGPT for similar reasons.

Google’s decision to launch Bard in various countries, none of which were in the EU, raised questions. Google acknowledged this and stated that they would gradually expand to more countries while complying with local regulations and their AI principles.

To proceed with the launch in the EU, Google needs to address the DPC’s questions and concerns and provide official documentation proving compliance with EU regulations.

The DPC has yet to specify a timeframe for permitting or rejecting the launch of Bard in the EU.