Google Adds new features to Chrome Browser Close Now

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Google Adds new features to Chrome Browser

Google Search engine began in 1998 and became the global most used web search engine. From time to time, google upgrades its features by introducing new shortcuts.

Currently, Google is working to integrate a new shortcut within the Chrome browser called “Mouse Input Shortcut.” This shortcut will enable users to close the active tabs quickly with a double mouse click.

There are multiple ways to close the active tabs on Chrome, for example, clicking on the red cross button on the top right side of the tab or pressing the Ctrl+W keys to close the active tab.

For User’s better and more customized experience, Google Chrome updates its search browser by introducing “New Material You design.”

By newly added design feature, the User will be able to see a rectangular shape, a large size address bar and keeping with the Material You theme.

Moreover, the websites, search results, and suggestions are no longer shown as text on a light or dark background. However, each web result or suggestion will be displayed inside a separate card in the Chrome browser.

Chrome individual cards will have lighter background than the rest of the screen to stand out in search results.

According to earlier reports, Google’s this feature similar to the unified Pixel Launcher, which unifies devices and web searches but is not available in most Android. So, now this design will be viewable on Samsung and other Android devices.