GM Confirms Release of ChatGPT-like in-car Close Now

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GM Confirms Release of ChatGPT-like in-car Digital Assistant

ChatGPT started its journey related to academic-type assistants, but now it is implemented in everything.

Recently some resources revealed that General Motors is introducing an “in-car digital assistant” with the help of ChatGPT. Later, GM confirmed the news and said they would use the same machine learning algorithms enabling ChatGPT.

The GM makers aim to use the digital assistant to help drivers when they might have to consult from the vehicle’s manual book. For example, if your automobile tire punctures, the assistant will brief you on how to change your vehicle tire.

Moreover, it might have scheduling and integration capabilities with other devices, such as garage door openers.

This transportation technological advancement doesn’t mean that users will experience the evolution of voice commands. But this change implies it can fulfil customers’ expectations about their innovative and more capable future vehicles.

The digital assistant will work differently than existing chatbots like Bing Chat. According to reports, GM attempts to build a “car-specific layer” on top of the language models.

Microsoft and GM collaborate in 2029 to build autonomous vehicles; this time, it’s a more extensive partnership between the cloud service provider for OpenAI and the automaker.

However, the software used is this technology, and its possible release date has yet to be revealed.