Fitbit Smartwatch Cut-Off Subscription Fee Close Now

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Fitbit Smartwatch Cut-Off Subscription Fee for Health Metric Dashboard

All upcoming smartwatches have health apps to show you your fitness-related data.

Most of them have this feature free of cost, but the “Fitbit health & fitness smartwatches” created a paywall for the user to access their Health Metric dashboard containing the user’s daily, weekly, monthly, and 3-month fitness data.

However, the available metrics like calories burned, step count, and heart rate are free of cost.

Yet the most received complaint about Fitbit was paying the $10 per month to track fitness data trends over time, which includes user’s breathing rate, average pulse rate and variability, body temperature, oxygen saturation, and all other fitness data for only seven days for three months if you didn’t pay.

It is a significant drawback to competing with well-known brands like Apple and Samsung, providing the same features to their users without an extra charge.

Considering all facts, Google announced to cut off subscription charges for Fitbit’s fitness data, making it available to all users.

Although there is still a 90-day restriction on how far back you can view your historical activity for those indicators.

Additionally, Fitbit company has market-leading health and sleep-tracking features, such as the ability to monitor how much time you spend during the night in different sleep stages like Rapid eye movement (REM), light sleep, and deep sleep.

However, for now, you will still have to pay to view information like sleep stages.