Enhanced Security and Usability: Google Password Close Now

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Enhanced Security and Usability: Google Password Manager Unveils New Features

Google Password Manager, integrated into Chrome on desktop, Android, and iOS, is undergoing a series of updates to enhance security and convenience. One notable feature aims to encourage proper usage by allowing users to upload a .csv file from a competitor’s service.

When prompted to save a new credential, pick “Manage passwords” to access the Chrome storage system, or choose “Password Manager” from the Chrome menu.

Additionally, users now have access to a new desktop shortcut. You can click on particular websites on the landing page to view saved data or change settings. For auto-filling passwords, iOS users will benefit from a larger pop-up and the opportunity to browse all of their accounts for a single website in one spot.

Another timely update is the introduction of notes within saved login details. Users can now save additional information including account passwords, PINs, and security questions.

Select the password, click “note,” then “edit,” add the desired information, and save it securely. During login, select the key icon to view the notes.

Regarding security, Google is expanding biometric authentication options for desktop users, enabling them to use their fingerprint or facial recognition authentication before their passwords are auto-filled. It is beneficial for shared computers, ensuring privacy.

Google Password Manager on iOS includes a “Password Checkup” tab where it can identify and notify users about reused or weak passwords and display alerts for compromised passwords.

The additional password flags will be rolled out gradually, while desktop biometric authentication will be available shortly. The convenience updates are already accessible to users.