Elon Musk Debuts Twitter’s Per-Article Close Now

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Elon Musk Debuts Twitter’s Per-Article Charging Feature

Rolling out next month, Twitter will give content creators an alternative revenue stream to the standard recurring subscription model.

It will enable media publishers to charge readers for access to particular articles they post on the service with a single click for each piece.

By doing this, users will ultimately pay more per piece than what it would cost them to sign up for a monthly membership to access every article.

CEO of the firm, Elon Musk clarified that it’s for people who occasionally want to read content from a particular source, so each piece most likely wouldn’t cost as much as a monthly subscription.

However, this Per-Article Charging option will be a massive win for both media organizations & the public.

Till now, further details about this upcoming feature are unknown, like what types of accounts or media outlets will be allowed to provide per-article billing and how much the platform would take a commission.

Musk stated that the company would not collect any money from creators for the following year. While after the year is over, Twitter will reduce subscription fees by 10%.

Under Musk, Twitter has been rolling out many premium features to boost revenue. The well-known fact is that its verification badge is now a benefit of its $8-a-month blue subscription.

Twitter also discontinued its free API to introduce a new one that would cost users, causing enterprises to pay almost $50,000 monthly.