Elon Musk Announced Twitter’s Upcoming Close Now

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Elon Musk Announced Twitter’s Upcoming Encrypted Messaging & Video Calling

A very constant habit of Elon is to announce deadlines for promises in his tweets that never wholly materialize.

As usual, this time again, Elon Musk revealed in his tweet on May 9 that Twitter will soon receive a variety of new features.

It states that The first iteration of encrypted messaging V1.0 will be made available on social media by tomorrow (May 10). The addition of audio and video chat facilities was also touted as “coming soon.”

These features would be significant upgrades for the platform, which has been facing trouble retaining customers ever since Elon Musk’s disastrous takeover occurred in October 2022.

The past few months have been full of Musk making significant commitments on short deadlines and failing to deliver them on time.

For instance, the billionaire said on February 3 that Twitter will share ad earnings with authors starting today. But after over three months, he finally acknowledged that work is still in process on the software.

However, back to the (maybe) new features, the platform did make significant changes in-app messaging service this week. You can now respond to specific DMs directly, much like Slack or iMessage.

Additionally, a new feature allows users to react to messages using any available emojis.

Before Elon, Twitter was working on the idea of encrypted DMs in 2018, but the feature never existed. Although a former employee of Twitter, Moxie Marlinspike, co-founded Signal, the most widely used encrypted messaging service.