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Computer vision technology startup Brodmann17 has shut down


Brodmann17, an Israeli startup in computer vision technology, was shut down this week. It had a unique approach to taking on the Mobileye-dominated market.

Brodmann17’s CEO and co-founder Adi Pinhas posted a message to LinkedIn to announce the move. He stated that although the company wouldn’t be able bring its products to mass markets as hoped for, “we get comfort that our innovations will hopefully influence market thinking and other will continue in the mission to create safer mobility for everyone.”

Pinhas stated that despite the fact that the technology was proven to be effective, there was still a lot of demand for it and customers are in production.

Brodmann17 was named after the primary visual cortex of the human brain six years ago. It was founded by Pinhas, an AI scientist and deep learning specialist as well as Amir Alush (computer vision specialist) and Assaf Mushisky (AI scientists). They developed a new approach in computer vision technology to assist advanced driver assistance systems.

Computer vision systems are a crucial component of automated driving features. As automakers shift from their autonomous vehicle goals to more lucrative products that will generate immediate revenue, this multibillion-dollar market is sure to grow.

Brodmann17 was aware that Mobileye’s front-facing camera could not compete with it unless it could offer a different angle to the tech. Pinhas stated that Brodmann17 did not believe it could. He said, “So we concentrated on the blue ocean.”

This blue ocean was used to create deep learning-based computer vision technology. It isn’t dependent on heavy hardware. This software-based product, which was lightweight, was able run on low-end processors within the car and was designed to complement sensors such as cameras and radar, and even lidar.

Brodmann17 used its technology to blind spot wing cameras and surround and rear cameras as well as video telematics, Pinhas stated.

He said that the demand for products in the market was far more diverse than people believe. “We chose to go the path that was not followed by many companies in the ecosystem. We needed more time.”

During its existence, the startup attracted investors. Brodmann17 raised $11 Million in a Series B round in 2019, which was led by OurCrowd. Maniv Mobility and UL Ventures participated as well as Samsung NEXT, the Sony Innovation Fund, and AI Alliance.