China is Developing a ChatGPT-like Technology Close Now

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China is Developing a ChatGPT-like Technology

The Artificial intelligence generative technology ChatGPT is becoming a popular global topic because of its incredible capability to generate coherent text in a conversational way.

The incredible success of this technology impacts other business expansion in AI domain projects. Similarly, a leading internet company in China “Tencent Holdings” gathered a team to work on a chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

Several of Tencent’s competitors, including Alibaba Group and Baidu, have also declared they are developing their AI-based products.

Even the people of China need help to create accounts for accessing chatbots. However, the open AI models supported by Microsoft are comparatively accessible and are being implemented into Chinese consumer technology products.

On 9th February, Tencent confirmed in a statement that it is researching ChatGPT tool technology, and its company product similar to it is known as “HunyuanAide,” whose AI training model is “Hunyuan.”

According to resources, the Hunyuan AI model achieved a high score in the Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation (CLUE) exam conducted in November, a series of exercises used to estimate computer’s ability to understand and respond to Chinese text.

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology states that this technology will be a significant push toward integrating AI for the betterment of the nation’s society and economy.