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ChatGPT’s new feature 2023: Personalized Responses

The popular AI-powered chatbot OpenAI ChatGPT now offers a new feature called custom instructions. By this feature users now have more control over how ChatGPT responds to their commands.

It’s like setting filters while shopping for shoes on an app, where you can choose colour, size, and brand. Similarly, with this custom instructions feature, you can set specific “rules” for ChatGPT’s responses.

Let’s say you’re a cook who prepares meals for a family of four. You can set a custom instruction, so whenever you ask ChatGPT for a recipe, it will provide ingredients and cooking techniques for a dish serving four people.

The best aspect is that when chatting with ChatGPT, you won’t have to repeat your choices. The model will remember your instructions for all future conversations, making the interactions more convenient.

This new feature is currently available in beta for ChatGPT Plus users. By choosing to participate in the beta for personalized instructions through their preferences, they can access it. On the web, you can find it under “Settings” > “Beta features” > “Opt into Custom instructions.” If you’re using an iOS device, go to “Settings” > “New Features” > turn on “Custom instructions.”

OpenAI intends to roll out this capability to all users in the upcoming weeks with exception of users in the UK and EU. So, if you want a more tailored experience with ChatGPT, this new feature can be quite handy!