ChatGPT Website Undergoes First-Ever Close Now

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ChatGPT Website Undergoes First-Ever Traffic Dip Since Launch

Artificial intelligence fatigue seems to be setting in, as OpenAI website traffic has declined for the first time since the launch of their popular chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ in November.

According to Web analytics company SimilarWeb the worldwide traffic to the ChatGPT website, including both desktop and mobile users has been decreased by 9.7% in June.

In the United States alone, the decline is estimated to be 10.3%. Additionally, the number of global unique visitors to the website dropped by 5.7%, and the average time spent on the page declined by 8.5%.

According to SimilarWeb’s senior manager, David Carr the decrease in traffic may not necessarily be disheartening for OpenAI management. The ChatGPT website primarily operates as a sales lead generator for OpenAI’s technology as well as a technology demonstration.

However, this decline in interest indicates that AI chatbots including ChatGPT and its competitors, must now prove their worth rather than relying on novelty.

It is not shocking that traffic is trending downward, as SimilarWeb earlier noted in May that activity on the ChatGPT website had peaked.

Furthermore, based on data from Sensor Tower the analysts of the Bank of America found that not only website visits but also downloads of the ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing apps have decreased by 38% from May to June.

This fluctuating website traffic for ChatGPT suggests that the initial fascination with the chatbot may be waning. Despite of a recent rise in popularity, it has experienced its share of issues.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of California Irvine and the University of Texas Arlington revealed that training its GPT3 model consumed an astonishing 185,000 gallons of water, which is a significant environmental concern.