ChatGPT Latest Feature: Collaborate and Share Close Now

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ChatGPT Latest Feature: Collaborate and Share Conversations Easily

OpenAI introduced a new feature to ChatGPT called “Shared links.”

With Shared links, users can generate a unique URL for their ChatGPT conversation and share it with friends, colleagues, or collaborators through social media, email, and other platforms.

This feature enhances the interactive experience of ChatGPT and eliminates the need to take screenshots for sharing conversations. OpenAI has ensured users have complete control over the Shared links they generate.

However, the generated links are public and accessible to anyone with the link. Therefore, users can update, delete, or hide their names from the conversation.

The shared links feature is accessible to all users with free accounts using ChatGPT 3.5. The function is currently available on the web and will soon be accessible on the iOS app.

To create a Shared link on ChatGPT, follow these straightforward steps: First, visit and log in to your account. Then, either start a new conversation or open an existing one. Next, click the new share button, and a Share popup will appear.

In this popup, you can hide your name from the conversation if you prefer. When you’re done, copy the URL and send it to anyone you want.

These steps allow you to effortlessly create and share Shared links from ChatGPT while retaining control over your conversation.