ChatGPT is Suffering from Success Close Now

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ChatGPT is Suffering from Success

The popular and widely used ChatGPT continuing its exceptional success and it has been down for the most of the day on March 20.

The enormous number of users relying on the cutting-edge AI for assistance with writing, coding, and other tasks making it a busy server. This affects the paid users of ChatGPT who are intended to receive priority status during peak hours.

According to Downdetector a famous website monitoring tool reports that this issue began on Monday around 1 am (pacific time) and solved within few hours. But again around 8 am a considerably greater outage started and lasts for almost 12 hours and was resolved at 7:54 pm.

After that the most recent update on status page of OpenAI writes, “We have completely restored ChatGPT service to all users and still working to restore their previous conversation history.

While not being the first time the platform has faced issues but this one might be the significant outage ever experienced. Whereas, the other platforms similar to it like Bing Chat and Google Bard facilitate the rising number of users by giving quick prompt answers.

Meanwhile, the Users of ChatGPT-Plus has access to GPT-4 the significantly more powerful AI model than prior that can generate more content and also accept image input.

ChatGPT being the first business made the world aware of Artificial intelligence potential.