ChatGPT-based Rhyming Clock: Displaying Time Close Now

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ChatGPT-based Rhyming Clock: Displaying Time with Short Poems

The popular AI-based chatbot ChatGPT brings Artificial Intelligence competition into the market and has become a famous buzz among all users.

Everyone is trying to invent an innovative platform for providing different services, so a designer introduced an AI-based Cock using ChatGPT that will tell you time in short poems.

It’s none other than Matt Webb, a blogger and designer who invented a ” rhyming E Ink clock” that will create a two-line poem and tells the time for every minute of the day.

Mr Webb said that he had previously set up Raspberry Pi and an old Inky wHAT screen for a regular text clock. While experimenting with OpenAI language models, he suddenly came up with the idea of linking the two.

He added that the ChatGPT just has a single prompt, and this Clock uses OpenAI’sOpenAI’s API, where time is a parameter to prompt that will instruct AI to respond to it with creative and imaginative two rhyming lines.

Furtherly, He mentioned that for the Clock generating new text for each display rather than selecting from a pre-set catalogue, the ChatGPT is the cheapest option he uses, but he would prefer to connect the Clock to GPT-3.

The response to his rhyming AI clock was so impressive that Matt Webb is looking into two ways to mainstream the concept. The first is to develop a kit for hackers to create their own, followed by a plug-and-play commercial device.