ChatGPT 4 Launching Next Week Close Now

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ChatGPT 4 Launching Next Week with AI-generated videos

After gaining so much popularity, ChatGPT wants to achieve the spotlight and people’s interest.

For that, Microsoft announced upgrading OpenAI ChatGPT by launching GPT-4 in mid-march, a large language model currently powering different apps similar to it.

Users can get AI-generated videos, music, images and many more by giving simple input text prompts.

This news was announced by the Chief of Technology at Microsoft Germany, Andreas Braun, in a recent AI event, where he also added GPT-4 would have multiple models to offer completely different services.

It’s not the first time we can get realistic AI-generated videos by Chatbot, as in 2022, Meta launched a similar tool called “Make-A-Video” based on input text prompts.

Currently, ChatGPT communicates with users via text form, but it might be possible that GPT-4 will update its communication way.

During AI events, Andreas states a call centre can also use GPT-4 to convert phone conversations between employees and customers into text by saving time and effort.

However, we can experience the new version of ChatGPT and its capabilities and whether Microsoft can resolve its Bing app long issues as GPT-4 is reportedly launching as soon as next week.