Casio 1980s Watch Model “G-Shock” Is Back Close Now

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Casio 1980s Watch Model “G-Shock” Is Back

One of the most iconic and lasting brands of digital watches, Casio, will be completing its 40th year.

In April 2023, it will release an upgraded model of the first DW-5000C G-Shock watch, “G-Shock,” to revive the old watch with a new cool look.

A Casio engineer built the previous G-Shock model in 1981 on the idea that a watch bears dropout from 32 feet in height, waterproof to depths of 328 feet, and ten years of operating time.

The upcoming G-Shock will have above all qualities along with innovative features, including its electronic system enclosed in 10 layers of protection of stainless steel, rubber, and foam to absorb the shock of a drop. Flexible cables connect buttons and LCD to an internal electronic system for easy movement.

It has an excellent retro look with a quartz crystal LCD with details like date and time, a stopwatch, a timer, five daily alarms, world time, and an LED backlight.

G-Shock’s new model also has an antenna that can receive signals from the world’s six radio stations. It allows it to set the current time and continue to accurate timekeeping automatically.

It recharges by a solar power system, and solar panels are integrated into the top of the watch once fully charged. It will operate continuously for ten months and up to 22 months if stored in a dark place and when power-saving mode is enabled.

The Casio new model has water resistance enhanced up to 666 feet, and its current price on the company website is $300.