Canada will market the its first quantum computer based on photonics Close Now

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Canada to commercialize world’s first photonic-based quantum computer


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved a federal investment for the development and commercialization of the world’s first photonic-based, faulttolerant quantum computer. A quantum computing company based in Toronto and Xanadu Quantum Technologies will work together to develop a quantum computer with the investment of 40 million Canadian dollars ($32 million) quoted in a news report on the Prime Minister’s website. According to Xinhua news, this massive technology, the quantum computer, has the potential of providing capabilities to solve complex data problems and could be used in a number of fields like: finance, environmental modelling, transportation, and health.

One in the press release states, the government’s Strategic Innovation investment of $142 million in the project will result in the creation of 530 highly skilled job positions in the quantum computing and tech fields. At the start of January 2023, another 360 million Canadian dollars ($288 million) was invested by Canada to launch its National Quantum Strategy for establishing Canada as a global leader in quantum technology. A publicly accessible software library named PennyLane was initiated by Xanadu Company for quantum computing and application development, whose goal was to build quantum computers that are useful and accessible to the public.