Youtube Shorts Money Close Now

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can we earn money from youtube shorts?


 Tech giant Google has announced that it is restructuring terms of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) terms to include new features such as the ‘Shorts Monetisation Module This module lets creators begin earning ads on their Shorts from February 1 on YouTube’s video-sharing platform.

The new tools give creators with more options in how they earn money from their content the tech giant wrote on its support page.

“After having signed the Base Terms which constitute the base contract for all creators looking to earn money from this platform. Creators are able to select and choose between contract Modules that will allow them to earn opportunities.”

The latest modules include Watch Page Monetisation Module and ‘Shorts Monetisation Module and the ‘Commerce Products Addendum’.

Users must accept this Watch Page Monetisation Module to make ad and YouTube Premium earnings on live-streaming, long-form or longer-form videos viewed via Watch Page. Watch Page.

“The shorts monetisation Module lets your channel split the revenue generated by ads within the Shorts Feed,” the company stated.

If the user has already accepted the “Commerce Product Addendum,” which opens a range of Fan Funding features, then they don’t have to agree to the terms.

All users must review and comprehend the latest YPP conditions as “accepting these Base Terms” is one of the conditions in order to be a member or stay within YPP.”

“To stay in the YouTube Partner Program and continue the monetization process on YouTube All advertisers will have till July 10, 2023 to review and agree to new conditions,” Google said.

If users don’t accept the Base Terms on this date the channels will be taken off the YPP along with their payment contract will be ended.