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Report 85% of demand-generation campaigns involve chatbots


Demand generation is an essential growth strategy for a majority of B2B companies. A recent study by Botco AI examined at the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbots for marketing (chatbots) aid marketers improve their demand generation strategies. What was most noticeable was the widespread use of chatbots for demand generation. In fact, 85percent of businesses use chatbot technology to run demand generation strategies.

Demand-generation marketers use chatbots to help achieve a variety of objectives. According to the survey their primary reason for using chatbots is their ability to comprehend audiences better and ask questions of chatbots as well as follow-up questions posed by them may shed the spotlight on an audience’s needs as well as the challenges and uncertainty.

The State of Chatbots in B2B Demand Generation report finds how marketers also experienced excellent success with chatbots using them to generate leads, assist in educating prospects about their business’s offerings and products, segment their target base, strengthen customer relations, and qualify leads for sales and much more.

One of the biggest advantages that marketers can gain of chatbots is their capability to boost the conversion rate of leads to customers. Nearly all demand generation marketers who employ chatbots (99 percent) said that chatbots have improved lead-to-customer conversion rates. Nearly half (56 percent) have reported seeing increases of 10% or more percent or more.