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Caktus AI: An Educational ChatGPT Alternative

Many other AI platforms launched soon after the ChatGPT buzz in the market.

Caktus AI is one of them, acting as an alternative to ChatGPT but mainly focusing on writing different categories of topics.

It is an AI-generated content tool, and creators named it an “academic curated search engine” because it provides essays, paragraphs and several writing tasks in different fields, including STEM, coding, professional services, art, and fun.

Caktus can better prevent plagiarism than Chatbot, and it can add citations to essays.

It’s not much popular as other GPT powered platforms, but it has a unique way of AI-generated content. The app has gained many people’s interest and has had approximately 1.1 million users since launching in 2023.

The method to use cactus is straightforward, like other AI generators. You have to give input as a text prompt for your desired service, and then it will generate content according to it.

To access the above features, you must create a Caktus account rather than log in by Gmail or Apple accounts.

Now come to the critical point about do we have to pay the subscription fee. So, at the start, you will get a free trial period, and after its expiry, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $10 to access your account.