Bird Buddy Introduces AI-Powered Hummingbird Close Now

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Bird Buddy Introduces AI-Powered Hummingbird Feeder & Bird Bath

Say goodbye to using binoculars and field guides to observe birds in your backyard.

Introducing a smart device called Bird Buddy that makes birdwatching easier and more exciting. Equipped with AI and a camera, Bird Buddy captures close-up shots of birds and delivers them directly to your smartphone.

Bird Buddy was introduced through Kickstarter in 2020. At CES earlier this year, the company is now expanding its product line with a smart hummingbird feeder and a smart bird bath designed to attract a wide variety of birds to your yard.

The feeder has a built-in camera with 5MP, HD video capabilities, and a wide 120-degree field-of-view that automatically takes pictures of visiting birds and stores them in the cloud for easy access on your mobile device. It even uses AI to help identify bird species.

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that needs to be charged a few times a week or supplemented with a solar charging accessory placed on top of the feeder.

Bird Buddy is a more affordable option with a cost of $200 compared to high-quality binoculars or expensive camera lenses.

For early supporters of the Kickstarter campaign, there is an opportunity to pre-order the new Smart Hummingbird Feeder at a discounted price of $174 (expected full price of around $235) or the Smart Bird Bath for $184 (expected full price of $249).

If users want both the feeder and the bath, they can opt for a bundle with a single camera module that can be easily swapped between the two for $259 (full price $349).

This Conservation Hero Bundle includes both housings, two cameras, and various accessories, including free-standing mounting poles.