Beta Technologies CX300 Fixed-Wing Electric Plane Close Now

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Beta Technologies CX300 Fixed-Wing Electric Plane

BETA Technologies is an aerospace company that manufactures electric aircraft for logistics and cargo.

On 14 March, the company followed up Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to get approval for fixed-wing electric aircraft when it received its order from three clients.

According to CEO Kyle Clark, the privately owned company located in Vermont state of USA look for certification of CX300, a modified version of Alia 250 electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, as a way to introduce the electric aircraft into the U.S. airspace under existing standards and regulations.

He also added it’s a step-by-step method. In the first step, the introduction of electric propulsion will be held, followed by the introduction of vertical capabilities, and finally, the provision of passenger service.

According to Beta, the Bristow Group provider of helicopter services previously purchased eVTOL aircraft from them and now has placed an order of 50 pieces of CX300 electric aircraft. Another United Therapeutics placed the order of CX300 for supplying medical equipment and transplantable organs.

As aircraft technology is working on low carbon emissions, the Electric “air taxis” are potential game-changer enabling airlines and other businesses to carry people and products by air over small distances.

The CEO believes the Beta CX300 offers “an easier path to certification” because it can be certified per the FAA’s current aviation regulations. In November, the Beta applied for certification with a 2025 deadline.