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Best Apple AirPods Close Now

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4 Best Apple AirPods in 2023.

Apple Company Airpods are one of the exciting devices that operate across every Apple device. For ease and comfort of life, airpods automatically connect to the device by putting them into your ears and start using any Apple device. Tech Latest will assist you to find the top Apple Airpods models of this year after testing each pair’s sound quality, noise-canceling technology, and battery life. The best way to use the best airpods is to strike a balance between price and functions.

1. AirPods Pro 2: The 2nd generation airpods cost $249 and have a fast processor, 6 hours battery life, H2 chip for sound clarity, and double noise cancelling capacity. Also, it has a speaker that will play a sound to locate your earbuds via “Find My”

airpod pros 2

2. Beats Fit Pro: Most of its features are the same as the Airpod Pro except for wireless charging system and compatibility. It costs $200 and is available in different colors.

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3. AirPods Max: It has a headphones-type look with advanced features of clear sound, 20 hours battery, noise cancellation, spatial audio and ease of connectivity. It costs $549 without cable wire.

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4. AirPods Pro 3: The 3rd generation airpods costs $179 with a better sound quality and larger shape as an open design for all. But for people having small ears, it is recommended as they wouldn’t be a perfect fit.

airpod pros 3