Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Available by Appointment Close Now

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Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Available by Appointment at Selected Apple Stores

Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset is set to be released in early 2024, but purchasing it may require an appointment due to the personalized adjustments needed for each buyer.

The headset’s availability is expected to be limited initially to a few select Apple Stores in the United States.

The Vision Pro will reportedly be available at all 270 of Apple’s US retail locations, with an initial concentration on large cities like New York and Los Angeles.

There will be specialized locations in Apple stores with demo devices, accessories, and chairs where customers may purchase the Vision Pro. However, because of the high prices and little supply, there will not be as many demo units available in retailers.

Apple will adopt a same approach as it did with the Apple Watch in 2015 to guarantee the ideal fit. In-store buyers will be required to make an appointment for purchase, and they may later provide their vision prescription online for lens inserts if necessary.

The Vision Pro will be available online through Apple’s web store before expanding to other platforms.

Apple is developing an iPhone app that will scan a person’s head and a physical machine to determine the right light seal in order to prevent distracting light from entering the wearer’s field of vision.

Vision Pro presents significant challenges for Apple, including supply chain logistics, staff training, and customer education. The Vision Pro will not likely be sold by third parties until at least 2025.

By the end of 2024, Apple intends to introduce the Vision Pro in other nations after its first US release. Asia and Europe are the main two global markets, followed by the UK and Canada.

The Vision Pro is being localized by Apple engineers for a number of nations, including China, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Korea.