Apple’s My Photo Stream Service Closure Close Now

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Apple’s My Photo Stream Service Closure on July 26th

Apple announced that its My Photo Stream service would be completely discontinued on July 26, 2023. This free service has been available since iCloud was released in 2011.

My Photo Stream allows users to upload their images and videos from Apple devices to iCloud, with a limit of 1,000 items and a duration of 30 days. It enabled Apple users to access their media on multiple devices.

However, content uploaded through My Photo Stream did not count against iCloud storage but was not saved at full resolution.

According to a support document found by MacRumors, Apple stated that My Photo Stream would stop automatically uploading photos to their servers from June 26.

After this date, the images and videos will stay on iCloud for 30 days until being permanently deleted on July 26. Since the original format and resolution of the uploaded media are stored on at least one Apple device, users will not lose any precious memories during the shutdown process.

However, it is advised to save particular pictures to the device’s Photo Library before July 26 in order to guarantee access to them.

For saving pictures from My Photo Stream on an iPad or iPhone, Open the Photos app, navigate to the My Photo Stream album, choose the desired photo, and then hit the Share button to save it to your Library.

In the conclusion of support document, Apple emphasizes that iCloud is the best way to keep your pictures and videos updated and secure across all devices.