Apple Smartwatch Will Have a Noninvasive Glucose Monitor Close Now

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Apple Smartwatch Will Have a Noninvasive Glucose Monitor

Apple is a renowned company of smart devices to appliances. Since 2010, apple has been working on an idea of its Founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, on blood glucose monitoring technology. As his vision was of health care mixed with technology.

Now Apple is close to launching a “Glucose-Tracking Smartwatch,” which is a noninvasive glucose test for people with diabetes, which means there is no need to penetrate a needle for the blood sample.

Apple company uses sensor technology known as silicon photonics, which uses an absorption spectroscopy technique that measures reflected light to determine blood sugar levels.

It can serve in two ways, one by measuring the glucose levels in diabetic patients and can also alert non-diabetic people to prevent themselves.

Apple smartwatch is home to health measures, including a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, oximeter, body temperature monitor, and women’s health tracking.

However, Apple’s recent attempt to determine glucose levels has yet to be reviewed for publication, and it is too large to fit in a wearable device.

In the USA, more than 37 million people were diagnosed with diabetes. Those were used to prick their finger for glucose level tests or attach patches to their skin provided by some US Laboratories.

Therefore, Apple aims to develop a noninvasive solution for a more practical choice. Before the public could use the company’s glucose technology, the data would need to be independently reviewed.