Android is getting a Biometric lock Close Now

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Android is getting a ‘Biometric lock’ security feature for Chrome App.

Google Chrome is introducing a significant security feature for android users. This feature enables users to create a fingerprint lock for Incognito tabs (defined for which
browsing history will not be saved on the device.) This security function is already available in the iOS version of the Chrome app, and now it has been under development for android devices since last year.

Through this feature, users can secure their private and incognito tabs by adding one extra layer of security using their biometric lock. It will also resist other users from opening the tab directly. Once the browser is minimized or shut, the incognito tab will be automatically locked, and to reopen it, users have to unlock it by scanning their fingerprints.

Now we will let you know how to add a fingerprint lock feature to your Google Chrome app. For Android users, this feature might be available on your phone or under development, so it may still need to be available. As an alternative, android users should visit their ‘Play Store App’ and see if there are any new updates for the Chrome app.

Open Chrome Settings on Android devices and select the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab. Now enable the ‘Lock Incognito Tabs’ option, and done. Chrome does not require one to register your fingerprint if the fingerprint is already stored on your phone.