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An EV Startup ‘Arcimoto’ Fun Utility Vehicle, is a boom

Who doesn’t dream of a private transport vehicle, especially a car? Most cars are four-wheelers, so this time, three-wheeler and open-air vehicles are introduced.

In 2019, Arcimoto startup launched a Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV), an electric motorcycle with a 19.2kWh battery, a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour, and a 102-mile city range.

It also comes with a handlebar (smartphone holder), Bluetooth speakers, airbags, removable doors, a foot and hand brake, a steel panoramic roof, and for the cold, windy season, FUV has heated seats.

Arcimoto’s FUV comes with features that high-length cars like subcompacts and sedans don’t have, and you can’t drive such vehicles without feeling like a deathtrap.

Being a small vehicle, FUV can easily escape a traffic jam like a regular motorcycle. Also, it can be easily parked anywhere, but sometimes reserving a complete parking spot for FUV seems wasteful because of its size.

A passenger of FUV shares his ride experience in Vegas rainy day. He said the rain wasn’t too difficult to deal with, but my hands were numb despite the heated seats. Also, the extra-heavy steering was one of the negative aspects of FUV, as it was challenging to take a turn. FUV should follow up on this and make the steering lighter.

In short, the Fun Utility Vehicle is a boom that might not last due to such drawbacks.